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window Projectors (wall washer)
This projector to showcase lighting, exhibitions, shops, decorative lights, Gallery, homes, coffee shop and museums are to be used with the following types are:
  • Projectors 1w ، LED
  • Projectors 4w ، LED
  • Projectors 8w ، LED
  • Projectors 16w ، LED
LED Projectors lighting
This Projectors for lighting the buildings, towers, Germans, Sculpture, the green spaces, landscaping, the niches, the workshops and the passages are in colors of white, blue, red, yellow and green are. Projectors are including the following:
  • Flat Projectors 16w, 24w, 36w, 42w, 49w, 56w - LED
  • colorchanger Projectors 18w, 36w, 42w - LED
  • Projectors funeral
  • Projectors Fountain
Street lights
These lights provide light for thoroughfares, streets and highways are.
Price (Toman) Suitable height Power consumption Lamp Name
353،000 6 m 42 W LED 35
395,000 9 m 50 W LED 42
535,000 12 m 67 W LED 56

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